OxyDHQ – Killing Cancer Through Cellular Oxygenation

Low cellular oxygen levels can cause cancer:

We stay in a international these days wherein harmful pollutants & cancer agents are ever gift, even inside the air we breathe. General household merchandise inclusive of cleansing merchandise, air fresheners etc. Plus beauty & skin care creams, bathtub & bathe gels, unless they’re evidently primarily based, incorporate parabans & other poisonous materials proved to be carcinogenic. In addition to this the food we purchase, except licensed organic, is sprayed with pesticides & different chemicals which inhibit the healthful functioning of our immune gadget & also can directly make contributions to cancer.

The build up of such pollutants in our body effects within the surrounding cells becoming starved of oxygen. Oxygen performs a key position inside the functioning of healthy cells, they want oxygen as they’re aerobic, this means they burn oxygen to supply energy. When the provision of oxygen will become reduced to a sure point, the cellular is unable to maintain to function efficiently & is now prone to assault from microbes, which genuinely take over the mobile. At this factor the respiratory mechanism of the mobile ceases to function in a ‘regular’ way, it turns anaerobic. This is the simple functioning of cancer cells, they’re anaerobic & they are seeking out glucose, as opposed to oxygen, to provide electricity. The surrounding healthful cells turn out to be suffering from the functioning of these cancerous cells & loss of oxygen because of the anaerobic methods of them & they too come to be not able to characteristic in a regular manner. This is how cancer can take a preserve in our frame & start to spread. Cancer cells, whilst in an oxygen deprived environment will thrive & unfold like wild hearth! As cancer cells get extra & more oxygen the fee at which they unfold turns into slower & slower until they start to die.

Healthy cells thrive in a tremendously oxygenated surroundings & have the capacity to repair & maintain themselves, preventing off sickness earlier than it even takes a keep. So it’s far important that, ought to we be faced with a serious contamination consisting of most cancers, cellular oxygen levels are boosted on the way to growth our body’s potential to fight the disease at the maximum essential stage; at cellular stage!

Your oncologist might be nicely aware of the reality that oxygen kills most cancers, however as they may be only able to endorse & prescribe any shape of drugs this is provided to them via pharmaceutical corporations, whose focus is by and large ‘patenting capsules’ they’ll no longer be supportive in your choice to go down one of these route. The massive drug companies are only inquisitive about generating remedy which they have the criminal rights over, oxygen does now not fall into this category, because it cannot be patented & over-priced.

Otto Heinrich Warburg won Nobel Peace Prize in 1931 for his discovery that cancer cells are anaerobic, so this is never a brand new idea, simply one that appears to be surely unnoticed through the medical industry who continuously are looking for the recognition of having the ‘subsequent huge most cancers drug’ below trial. Always pills due to the fact this is all they could ‘invent’. The truth is that the most effective remedies are some distance greater simple than all this, nature offers all we need & science gives us the capacity to encompass these natural substances into effective most cancers killing treatments.

Effective techniques for delivering oxygen to cells:

The trouble in correctly handing over oxygen into cancer cells arises because of the thick coating the microbe creates round those cells. It has now not but been discovered simply how the microbe bureaucracy this protein coating, but considered one of its maximum probably functions is to maintain oxygen out.

What is wanted is the capability to reduce through this coating, wherein the oxygen can then be released into the cellular. It then becomes possible, now not for the cellular die, however for it to reconstruct itself & return to ordinary, wholesome functioning.

Most oxygen dietary supplements are not able to penetrate the coating round cancer cells. One method, however, which many humans have located to be very effective, is by way of drinking meals grade hydrogen peroxide. It is straightforward to be take away by the notion of this however this is handiest because of lack of knowledge of what hydrogen peroxide sincerely is. We would usually consider a chemical used for bleaching hair. The fact is that hydrogen peroxide is completely herbal & is actually water with an additional oxygen atom. We all recognise of water as having the atomic shape (h2o), hydrogen peroxide is very similar (h2o2) & this extra oxygen atom offers it a few very thrilling homes. It has many, many makes use of even though it is crucial that, whilst fed on as a method for treating infection, a right protocol is observed. Hydrogen peroxide baths are another good manner of absorbing oxygen through the pores and skin. I would recommend reading “The Many

Perhaps the pleasant way to successfully oxygenate our cells is with the aid of taking OxyDHQ. The proteolytic & pancreatic enzymes contained in OxyDHQ have the capacity to interrupt thru the protecting coating round most cancers cells & oxygen is then launched into the cell, proper in which it’s far needed. In addition to this OxyDHQ includes five% sea-ormus, 84 minerals, 39 enzymes, 19 amino acids, thirteen predominant nutrients, ellagic acid, 28 phytonutrients, 19 herbs, 23 complete meals vegetables and a 7 juice mixture, making it a totally active & effective fighter of many different sicknesses as well as most cancers.

What is DHQ?

DHQ no longer only significantly increases the restoration strength & cancer preventing ability of Oxy DHQ, but it has also been proven to increase healthful cellular life up to 240% in test tubes. This method that healthy cells are also being blanketed from the spread of cancer. DHQ is a effective unfastened radical scavenger & facilitates to reinforce the blood & improve move.

Ascorbo-phoshpate is a form of Vitamin C, some distance stronger than normal Vitamin C & is another ingredient of OxyDHQ which complements the overall performance of the DHQ & boosts the cancer preventing capabilities of this product even further. Vitamin C is a totally powerful antioxidant & the ascorbo-phoshpate, being around sixteen instances more potent is yet every other effective & anti-cancerous detail of OxyDHQ.

Attacking most cancers from extraordinary angles increases the capability for achievement:

If you are considering Oxy DHQ as part of your cancer preventing regime, taking it together with Liquid Zeolite Enhanced with DHQ & PH Balancer 8 increases the capacity for success appreciably. These three products also are known as the Dynamic Trio & come as combo who’s extraordinarily popular.

Zeolite, due to its chelating houses is an first rate heavy steel cleansing method. The Liquid Zeolite which comes as part of the Dynamic Trio is also improved with DHQ & in addition to its detoxing properties, is likewise a very powerful cancer killer.

Another situation necessary for cancer to thrive is distinctly acidity tiers. PH balancer 8.Zero neutralises the our bodies pH degrees making it ever greater difficult for cancer to live to tell the tale, making this an crucial angle to cover in any most cancers preventing regime.

These products can bring about a most cancers affected person feeling an improvement right away & at least they’ll be slowing the fee at which the most cancers is spreading. If the size of the tumour continues to be increasing, though, then the dosage needs to be improved & possibly used along with some other most cancers fighting supplements.

Beating cancer successfully:

It is essential to remember that, even though the strategies stated in this page provide potentially a much more powerful manner to beating most cancers than chemotherapy, a good way to maximise this capacity some different lifestyle adjustments could have profound outcomes. We mentioned earlier on in this article, how cancer cells have 20 times greater glucose receptors than healthy cells, as this is how they produce their energy; from glucose. It makes no experience; consequently, to consume some thing containing any sugar as this is clearly ‘feeding’ the cancer cells. I additionally referred to how cancer flourishes in a distinctly acidic surroundings, so no acidic meals must be eaten. A strict cancer food plan is the nice manner ahead & will improve the achievement of every other merchandise you select to take indefinitely.

Remember, the intention here is to grow to be absolutely cancer unfastened & for it never to go back. Going lower back to antique life-style & weight loss plan behavior is pretty in reality developing an appropriate situations for cancer to go back, they are likely to have performed a element in the formation of most cancers inside the first vicinity, although this not always strictly true. But hold up the wholesome way of life & you have to always stay most cancers loose!

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