My 10 Suppressed Natural Cancer Cures

As I have been announcing in preceding articles the medical/pharmaceutical owned and controlled most cancers established order do not want you to know that ever given that time immemorial there was reasonably-priced, natural and non-poisonous treatment options for most cancers.

If any of these non-patentable healing procedures were allowed to be regarded to the public at huge then, as a result, they would seriously undercut the clinical/pharmaceutical owned and controlled cancer status quo’s business. So, whether or not it has been via making those a success opportunity treatment plans with their related practitioners unlawful or paying off the mainstream media to blackout, ignore or ridicule, even if understanding they do in impact cure cancer, the established order have shown that money is extra crucial to them than reality.

The establishment’s treatment of cancer: chemotherapy, radiation and surgery largely obtain negative results and most cancers is consequently simplest a chief life-threatening infection due to the suppression of the notably effective reasonably-priced, natural and non-poisonous healing procedures.

So here’s my list of 10 suppressed herbal most cancers treatment options. Indeed, this isn’t an exhaustive account and you can realize others. Either way I inspire you to do your very own research however beware of the deliberate incorrect information media sources with their susceptible arguments and purposely neglected relevant facts to make the case towards cheap, natural and non-poisonous alternative therapies look more potent or practicable. Some of them are secretly most cancers establishment subsidized!

1. Royal (William) Rife’s Cancer Machine

In the 1930’s California microbiologist Royal Rife after a few years prepare a ‘widely wide-spread microscope’ basically designed to attention on most cancers cells via figuring out their wave frequency of vibration being specific to everyday cells… The normal microscope may want to then be used to send beams of a selected frequency from a ray tube which zapped and killed the most cancers cells. This Rife called the mortal oscillatory charge which turned into very successful in destroying cancer in sufferers. So successful, in truth, Rife’s system cured 16 out of sixteen most cancers patients and a few have been hopeless cases.

However, into the 1940’s and 50’s well into the manufacture of the most cancers machines, having hooked up treatment clinics, Rife found himself caught up in a prison wrangle with the establishment’s massive boys consisting of the American Medical Association. In spite of Rife prevailing courtroom cases… His device became finally laid to rest, seized via the government for unlawful opportunity practices in medication.

2. Laetrile Cancer Treatment

Ernest Krebs learned that the isolated indigenous Hunsas humans residing at the foot of the Himalayas lived to very high a while earlier than dying. He observed that apricot kernels become very a good deal used in their eating regimen, containing high diet B17 degrees, which he theorised become answerable for contributing to no most cancers recorded in this place. He made a cultured (distilled) version of nutrition B17 and known as it laetrile. It become observed that laetrile or B17 destroyed the enzyme beta-glycosidase within the most cancers cellular’s metabolic pathway and as a result ought to therapy cancer whilst the use of it as a therapy.

Bad technological know-how (deliberate?), politics, company greed and adverse exposure basically destroyed this super discovery from getting deserved reputation at big…

3. Harry Hoxey’s Herbal Remedies

Successful businessman Harry Hoxey after curing his horse with cancer used the identical paste-implemented herbal remedy on human beings. His natural formulation had achieved 80% success over 80 years. In the 1960’s his clinic in Texas was close down for illegal practices… All for curing humans of most cancers. A former nurse running with Hoxey’s treatment took the remedy to Mexico which nonetheless survives today.

4. Metabolic Nutritional Therapy

This is the idea that positive anti-cancer ingredients can be used as a strict nutritional regime. Again this has been fairly a success however the most cancers established order seldom mention vitamins: No money to be made there…

5. Gerson Therapy

This follows on from 4 within the respects that it’s far a shape of metabolic dietary remedy, the usage of body detoxification to assist inside the system. Gerson remedy originally devised through Max Gerson was completely recognised in congress from hearings within the 1920’s but become later struck of the file. One can only count on due to the risk it posed to undercutting the clinical/pharmaceutical’s groups and much less governmental sales… If were given to the general public at large.

6. Otto Warburg Oxygen Therapy

Another awesome person along with his pioneering paintings inside the 1930’s became biochemist Otto Warburg. He turned into unjustly ridiculed by means of the status quo for developing with the locating that oxygen is an environment that most cancers cells don’t like. Warburg said that most cancers cells occur in an oxygen disadvantaged surroundings. Why do you watched you by no means listen of cancer of the coronary heart? It’s because the coronary heart includes oxygen rich blood… This has been left out via the established order.

7. John Baird Proteolytic Enzyme Therapy

At the turn of the twentieth century Scottish physician Baird observed that during early foetal improvement the mom’s placental cells behave like most cancers cells in that they show speedy increase. By being pregnant day 56, while the foetus has shaped its pancreas, it produces pancreatic enzymes that switch off this speedy increase. So basically Baird theorised, for the reason that these placental cells behave like cancer cells in that they exhibit speedy growth, just like the foetal cells, should the cancer cells be switched off by pancreatic enzymes? The solution is sure! Yes, most cancers may be effectively handled the usage of pancreatic enzymes. However, notwithstanding its fulfillment, the treatment become laid to rest invalidated and radiation therapy turned into chosen by the establishment as an alternative…

8. Tullio Simoncini Cancer Therapy

Brilliant tenacious Italian health practitioner Tullio Simoncini has been subjected to large pressures from the status quo to succumb: In spite of the ridicule and attempts at criminal action he continues his work nowadays focussing on treating most cancers as a fungus referred to as Candida attributable to a bad immune system. Simoncini determined that antifungal treatment did now not paintings. The answer turned into not most effective cheap however simple. He gave sufferers sodium bicarbonate internally through an endoscope (tube). This permits the bicarbonate to go at once to the most cancers. As mentioned above this outstanding cancer leap forward has but been largely left out with the aid of the cancer status quo.

9. Stanislaw Burzynski Antineoplastons

There is a movie to be had to look on U-Tube known as “Cancer Is a Serious Business.” This award winning scandalous proper tale film made my cry. It suggests how a medical man &biochemist Dr Stanislaw Burzynski located a cancer remedy using gene remedy, but needed to cope with the mite of the American Food and Drug Administration who attempted to criminalise him for his practices. A 14 year 60 million greenback US tax payer’s money felony conflict ensued… The reality that he had help stored many lives, curing every so often even hopeless cancer instances turned into by no means the difficulty! The real difficulty was the fact that Dr Burzynski became undercutting the cancer establishment’s business…

10. Anti-Oxidants

The past due outstanding scientist two times Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling was became down whilst he attempted to get investment together with his colleagues for further research on vitamin C and its function in fighting cancer: He found that leukaemia sufferers had low degrees of vitamin C. When these sufferers were given frequently excessive doses of diet C they went into remission (recuperation)… Pauling additionally discovered that frequent diet C high dosing stops the migratory pathways that most cancers cells use to metastasise (unfold). It is inconceivable to me that this will be left out but has been (and nonetheless is).

In summary

The above surely indicates that the clinical/pharmaceutical status quo has the higher hand in controlling cancer. Power, political advantage and earnings are indeed the ulterior reasons. I might encourage the reader to do his/her very own take a look at and discover ways to determine: For example, study the mass media reports on most cancers and ask your self does this have vested hobby. Ask yourself who stands to gain..?

What do you think?

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