CCTV in China?

CCTV in China?

Covid-19 News China will be broadcasting in English, which is its second language, every morning for the next three weeks. It is a joint venture of two well-respected companies – the Chinese government and media giant, CCTV. The aim of the joint venture is to give the people in China a wider understanding of what is going on around them.

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The idea behind this joint venture is that China is growing at a tremendous rate and the current state of the economy is not sustainable in the long term. In addition, many Westerners have expressed their concerns that Chinese culture is beginning to change so rapidly as it is changing so rapidly too.


For this reason, CCTV and the Chinese government have agreed that they should co-operate on producing a daily television news programme that would give the Chinese people a more comprehensive overview of what is going on in China. This could also help the Chinese to identify with the way things are done there and in the rest of the world in general.


This daily news programme is being produced by CCTV in conjunction with CNN China. So far, there are some basic questions about the format of the programme, but the main one remains “will it work?”


There are many people who will doubt this joint venture between CCTV and CNN, especially those living in China and having grown up there. Many of these people will question why it should be necessary to produce a joint venture between a government institution and a private organisation. There is no doubt that China has a rapidly growing economy, but the number of people living in that country is steadily increasing as the population grows. This will inevitably put pressure on the infrastructure, which will cause an economic crisis in the future.


The other issue is that we don’t know much about CCTV in China and therefore we may not have an idea about what kind of media they produce in terms of the quality of their output, particularly given the fact that the country has one of the most closed economies in the world. If this is a joint venture with CNN, it’s therefore important that we find out how they get their information and how they produce their TV news programmes in China.


As well as getting information from them, it is important to find out whether or not this news show is going to provide impartiality. It is clear that there are sections of society in China which will feel that their views are being ignored and therefore the news programmes need to provide them with some form of balance, even if this means providing news that is more supportive of the Chinese government than of those who have expressed scepticism about the move.


There is a lot of scepticism about CCTV in China and it’s obvious that they have their own agenda. However, if they can prove that they can make the news programme both balanced it could open up a new chapter for the BBC in China and increase its audience.


It is obvious that the news programme will be based in China, so it will be important that it provides news that is in tune with the local audience and is not overly focused on the government, as well as giving a different angle to the stories being covered. This means that more people will see it for the different story it is – rather than just the government announcement.


There is also a possibility that CCTV could actually introduce their own news programme to provide news updates, which would be more like a news bulletin than a news programme, which is a BBC production. This will mean that more people can see it.


So the next time you sit down to watch CCTV, look to see if it can provide you with news from China that you may not otherwise see in the UK. If so, this could well prove very useful for you.

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