Cancer – What Does It Feel Like?

Have you ever puzzled what it felt like to have cancer? What physical and emotional hardships encounter you, and what is the breaking factor of sanity? It is depressing thinking about cancer and the way it affects someone’s lifestyles, and the toll it takes at the relationships round you. Want to take a sneak peek? Below is a window view of my existence with most cancers…

“What does it sense want to have cancer”?

1. It seems like a Tylenol length lump on my left breast. After 1 week of looking it, and it wasn’t budging, made an appointment with a nearby Gynecologist. They failed to take it too significantly, have been more involved approximately the dense tissue they determined on the right breast… But listened to me, and scheduled a mammogram with an ultrasound as brought warning.

2. Trepidation and what the hell is going on? During the ultrasound, the radiologist got here in after reviewing the snap shots and carried out her very own take a look at, measuring and marking regions of challenge. I changed into instructed that a biopsy became needed, however not to fear as 80% of them come lower back poor. Seeing the clean appearance on my face, the most effective phrase that came out of the nurse’s mouth, calcification’s… Call for an appt. My intuition said it became something.

3. Being dragged thru a lake on an inner tube, when is it going to give up? Waiting per week for the biopsy to take place. A distinct radiologist performed an ultrasound guided best needle biopsy, explaining each step and she or he made. She ‘vacuumed’ 5 samples out of the breast and observed it through capturing a steel marker into the lump (I can’t even defined what this seems like, just understand that I don’t wish it on my worst enemy). I asked to see the samples, having study that if the liquid got here out clear that it turned into benign, but that if it came back cloudy or bloody then it became certainly malignant. I told her what I had read and he or she tried to persuade me that it wasn’t authentic. I wasn’t feeling assured, as I saw blood within the samples. A nurse gave me the # for the outcomes. The next 3 days drag on and on.

4. A hockey p.C. Hitting my chest from the exceptional Wayne Gretsky. I even have Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, much less than 1 mm in size and a grading of 4. Can’t breathe, instantly pass on autopilot.

5. Death sentence. Thoughts of in no way seeing my babies graduate, get married and have infants in their own flash quickly through my mind.

6. God is trying out me. I made a comment that I could not believe a co-worker became giving up the cancer fight and ready round letting it devour her. I stated that if it become me, I might be crossing the entirety off my bucket list. After 2009, I will now not suppose for a person else… You DO NOT know how you are going to react while you discover you have the most cancers beast. I hope I handed “HIS” test!

7. Insomnia. Lying in mattress, PT spooning me cupping the traitor among us, gazing the wall trying to nod off. Waking up, due to the fact same rattling wall and understanding it wasn’t a dream, it is my truth. Over and over and over again.

8. Losing a frame part. When the surgeon was laying out the surgical alternatives, I turned into confident in saying “just take the damn breast”. PT, then again, couldn’t apprehend why I become so nonchalant approximately losing a body component.

9. Secret. Finding out that I had most cancers the eve of B’s birthday. Hosting circle of relatives for the weekend festivities and protecting all of it in and being “happy”. Maintaining the secret for PT’s aspect so that they can revel in the delivery in their first granddaughter.

10. Unthinkable. Getting the braveness to inform my sons (5th and eighth grade) that Mom has cancer, it’d change our lives for the fast term however promising that I would be ok. All the while preserving my arms and feet crossed hoping that I could hold that promise.

11. Foolishness. Wonderful co-employee wanted to throw a bon voyage celebration for the malignant breast and I grew to become her down- What the heck become I thinking? That could had been a lot stinking fun!

12. Secondary cancer. Is the enlarged ovarian cyst this is observed before the surgical treatment the main offender–had the cancer already metastasized? Blessed be to God-this become demonstrated fake a few days later–the longest days of my existence.

13. Survivor’s guilt. I were given a 2d hazard, my co-worker turned into not. To at the present time I nonetheless credit her for saving my existence. The eve of my mastectomy she misplaced her lifestyles to kidney cancer that had metastasized during her frame. Two days after my surgical procedure, I walked into her funeral and paid my respects to her own family.

14. Like a rump roast. I was warned that the blue dye used to discover the sentinel lymph node could no longer most effective flip my breast blue however my urine as nicely. Was I ever surprised as an alternative to have my massive ole tush turn a lovely coloration of magenta–if handiest it did not itch like hell and didn’t peel like a horrific sunburn.

15. Squealing like a pig. I had drains popping out of me for two weeks, the goal being retrieving much less than 30 cc’s for three days immediately. The first few times the drain turned into ‘stripped’ I squealed, actually pulling the fluid out of my frame. If best they might hook up some drains and I may want to ‘strip’ the fat out of my legs and tush… Hmmmm… I should make hundreds of thousands.

16. Like being inside the corner of a excessive faculty dance waiting to be requested to bop. Pathology testing the most cancers cells to peer what they are receptive to. What makes you more potent most cancers cells, ER+, PR+, HER2 or not one of the above Triple Negative?
May I actually have this dance in order that I can kick your ass?

17. Not enough empathy for PT. Everyone is worried approximately me… Who’s focusing on his needs… Hoping that he is confident sufficient to vent to his pals with out violating my privacy. I cannot recognize the angst and hassle that caregiver’s ought to undergo.

18. Like attempting on my first bra as a teenager, besides this time I don’t should wonder how massive my breasts will be… I get to determine the dimensions and the look of my breasts. What size is your pleasure???

19. Overwhelming sense of network. The outpouring of cards, flora, meals and help from the people in my existence.

20. Claustrophobic. Thirteen high faculty women and boys were taking component in the “Locks of Love” occasion on the excessive college the day before my first chemo remedy. It was obvious the kids have been frightened, their toes twitching a mile a minute, one of these courageous and loving issue to do in the front in their classmates. When a co-employee’s daughter pointed me out to some different girls’ I quick headed out the aspect door trying desperately to capture my breath and forestall crying. I later discovered that lovely girl wanted to lower back out (she changed into apprehensive and scared to cut her lengthy hair), however whilst she saw me she determined she was going forward in my honor.

My one true regret of at the present time… Now not having the courage to be a part of the event. How do you suspect the 200+ college students and teachers might have reacted if I had had my hair reduce and then shaved for Locks of Love??

Each word I write is a seed being planted, waiting to be nurtured and grow, hoping to heal myself and be a better character going forward.

21. Scolding. Being instructed with the aid of my first oncologist to stay faraway from the internet. It could only confuse my thoughts with all the bad records/pessimism floating round. Hello Doc, how do you observed I become comfortable and confident coming to look you… I Googled the hell out of him.

22. Party. We had been welcomed with open hands to the primary round of chemo. A three-time survivor greeted us, gave a very long speech and a goody bag. I become stunned, she changed into invading my area, I wanted to preserve this a non-public affair and I turned into in my sector (mentally). Three years later I nevertheless can not tell you one factor she preached, but I do respect her encouragement and sisterhood. I still have each blessing and prayer that were in that goody bag.

23. Science project. The systematic manner the medication have to input the body. Steroids and nausea capsules the day before and day after chemo, cushioning the frame for the satan to do its deed. The actual day starts with Benadryl, prednisone, 2 baggage of Taxotere and a couple of HUGE syringes of Cytoxan. I was a on foot pharmaceutical!!

24. Fire. First spherical of Taxotere neglected its mark ~ burning the vein six inches up my forearm. Angry, purple, painful to touch. Five months later… Nonetheless seen; 8 months later it has disappeared, taking the vein with it.

25. Head in the clouds. I watched too many movies, seeing cancer patients puking their guts out and mendacity in bed. For me, reality become fogginess so thick that even a lighthouse could not be seen from my rocking ship. Treatments have been on Thursday, by using Sunday I turned into on that deliver rocking facet to facet desperately seeking out that light. Finally Tuesday’s rolled round… Fog clearing, lighthouse instantly beforehand.

26. Rat for your head. The appointment with the wig expert cancelled, after being advised that that is a totally stressful/emotional experience, she will permit an hour for me to find a wig. What? You suggest this isn’t always a threat to fulfill PT’s wildest fable… Long hair, quick hair… Purple, blond… Oh, the opportunities are countless. I am fully conscious that this could be emotional, but I select to make it as a laugh as feasible. God bless CB for dropping the whole lot on a Sunday inside the hunt for a wig keep. And God bless the little oriental lady who possibly idea we had been nuts giggling thru all of the hair!

27. Mary J. Blige. Deciding the wig is not for me, thankful I spent $36 as opposed to the upwards of $2K I could have spent at the forte wig shop. Blessed that HM brought me a dozen bandanas, each shade you may believe. Deciding that I am better off channeling my ‘biker babe’ image than the Mary J. Blige appearance. For absolutely everyone who’s going through remedies, I would like to ship you this wig. It is stunning, it simply wasn’t for me. Maybe we will have the travelling wig, connecting and bonding humans along the way.

28. Irony. Walking up the steps at work, hearing a communication on the significance and significance of zodiac symbols, and being asked for my sign. Mood lifting immediately, shiny smile plastered on my face pronouncing, “Ironically, I am a most cancers”. That little snippet of irony made me smile all day.

29. Million needles are piercing my scalp and every hair on my head weighing a ton. Two weeks after starting chemo my hair commenced to fall out. Two and a 1/2 days later, the pain and the steady hair balls (leaving affords for human beings is handiest amusing for goodbye and shall we face it… Very juvenile =) were too much; a dear friend shaves my head.

30. Waiting recreation. Waiting for appointments, anticipating take a look at results, looking ahead to lifestyles to experience normal once more.

31. Sprint. How many miles can I stroll each day (averaged 3.Five according to day), minimum days off paintings (got fortunate with the timing and a couple of fell on vacation weekends), preserving so busy there is no time to breathe. I desire I had listened to my boss who stated, “Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint”! To wind returned the clock, I might have listened to him!!!

32. Weight benefit. Seriously, I have to be the simplest character who won weight in the course of chemo. That changed into speculated to be the only POSITIVE from all of it… Dropping a few weight. Nope, should have damaged a document by using gaining 15 pounds!

33. Orgasm. The feeling when the bathe spray hits my bald head and trying to lose myself, by no means leaving that stall. Absolutely extremely good! This is the simplest thing I miss from dropping my hair.

34. Relief. The BRAC1 and BRAC2 genetic checking out got here again poor. Confirms my belief that my most cancers is pure environmentally earned.

35. Regret. Why failed to I even have the sanatorium installed a port? I am strolling out of veins, the T & C burning rubber after every remedy… And they decline to use my left arm due to the mastectomy.

36. Your favorite glass vase crashing to the ground, shattering into a million portions. White blood cells taking a nosedive to.07, pushing me into isolation. Someone please inform me how a person can experience so suitable, but the immune system has close down?

37. Eighty 12 months antique woman. The Neupogen and Nuelasta pictures to maintain my white blood cells up make every step I take sheer torture. My hip and leg bones ache, however I push ahead… Strolling uptown to breakfast with my sister and K… Even walking the 6 miles roundtrip to receive this dreaded shot.

38. “You’re Outa Here”. One of the most up to date days of the summer. Umpire needed to be dehydrated, calls getting worse as the innings have been getting longer. The M’s and the D’s egging him, disputing each name. PT opens his mouth when we were all instructed to zip it, and the ump actually kicks him out of the ballpark. Still hilarious to this day!! If all people knows PT… Teach… Athletic director… Instructor, and the maximum slight-mannered man I realize getting kicked out of a ballgame. Still one of the pleasant memories round!!!!

39. Bulls eye marks the spot. I had a crimson bulls eye on my throat all through the remedies. Don’t apprehend the rhyme or purpose of it, and really self-aware of it.

40. My heart is breaking. Since dropping my hair, B wants not anything to do with me. He is so freaked out by way of me that he is keeping off this house like the plague. My coronary heart and soul breaks each time B walks away from me, gives a clever ass response or rolls his eyes. PT tells me to provide it time, he’s going to warm as much as me. Don’t get me wrong, I am without end grateful for our pricey buddies and pals who opened their domestic to him for 4-5 months, it was excellent for B. What changed into pleasant for me, changed into having a son take delivery of me emotionally and bodily, and now not repulsed through the very sight of me. For him to recognise that I am taking the steps and going through hell, hoping to prolong my life and praying to have the risk to watch his kids develop… My glorious, desire to have one day grandchildren!!

41. Water Balloon! I swear to God it felt like I had a water balloon for a breast. The tissue expander is filled with answer, and whilst tapped seems like a taut balloon geared up to pop. You could have bounced a quarter off of my breast, lol! Thank you Dr. B for making the decision for me to update it with silicone gel. Much extra herbal looking and in fact feels real (even though it nonetheless freaks me out not to have any feeling. Contradiction I know). I will admit, even though, years from now it’d have been hysterical if it had popped. Can you just see it… You are talking to me and all of a unexpected one of my breasts is going flat as a pancake!

42. Lightening Bolt. Nerves have been cut at some point of the mastectomy. I changed into told that they could reconnect over the years, and to count on taking pictures pains across the breast and under the arm. The first one took my breath away, and if I became honest… They nevertheless do! Enough already!

43. Foolishness. Who in their proper mind would live home alone after a treatment, AND try to paint a main bedroom and a couple of closets? After four remedies I become glaringly now not in my right mind. Worst 3 days of my existence! Irony is, having zero luck locating bedding to healthy the robin egg blue walls, I repainted the whole thing exactly 1 12 months later. Tip of the day: Find your bedding or material first, then paint your partitions. Told you I had lost my thoughts! LOL!

44. Dry skin. Eyelids are pink, sore and peeling. No quantity of lotion is soothing. Finally got a glimpse into what K is going through on a everyday basis. Rough!

45. Relief. I may also have lost the hair on my head, however I kept it on my arms and legs. Shhh… We can hold other vicinity’s a mystery!

46. Nervous. Anyone who knows an Italian, is aware of that they have got large, hairy eyebrows (suppose unibrow) that need regular interest. Seeing mine thin out puts me on facet that I will quickly be drawing them in.

47. Surprise! From the lady stopping me in the shop, pulling on her hair, promising that it will grow back… To the safety guard at a Casino drawing me into a verbal exchange, making me sense comfortable and not the least bit self-acutely aware of carrying a bandana in public. They added a wonderful amount of heat into my long days!

48. Scared! Waking up from a nightmare, listening to the information that there wasn’t something medically they might do for me. I did not have lots time. Sweating bullets, checking on the men, respiration their heady scent calming me subsequently.

49. Cocktail. Gearing up for a ‘Making Strides’ walk in Brentwood, TN and having a fellow survivor stroll up to fulfill me and ask what my cocktail became! Cocktail… What cocktail? We get to drink even as on foot… Cool! Not!!! I ultimately realized she turned into talking approximately my chemo capsules, and the handiest ones having the birthday party and receiving the inevitable buzz have been our blood and veins. **On a side observe-there are so many sorts of chemo capsules on the market. Your form of cancer and cell traits will decide whether or not you’re given one or more drugs during remedy. What was prescribed for me Taxotere and Cytoxan won’t be first-class for the subsequent character. Cancer cells are very elaborate little devils.**

50. Hives and one large Ass! After my 0.33 remedy, and on my birthday no less, I came down with an unpleasant case of hives. Oncologist thinks it become a response to the Taxotere and they might have to reveal the next dose, to make sure it would not assault my lungs. I would really like to consider it became all the awesome food I ate… Grilled sausage with peppers, onions and mushrooms, my preferred potato salad made by using my Mom, crisp corn on the cob and a shop-bought cake (adequate… The cake changed into awful, ended up inside the trash… But a female must not should make her very own cake… Right!). Oh, we could now not neglect the fabulous chocolate cake that KG surprised me with at B’s 3-hitter. Now that become yummy! I don’t have any idea what precipitated it, nevertheless had closing hives on my hands and toes a week later, however I laughed out loud when the nurse stated “and also you concept your ass become going to get large from all of the cake you ate, it’s going to get larger from all the steroids we are about to place you on”!

51. WTF! I can analyze I even have cancer over the cellphone, but I ought to shell out a $forty copay to learn my colonoscopy turned out superbly and my colon very wholesome. Still have now not gotten over that injustice!

52. Mouth Rot. The chemo is sucking all of the moisture from my mouth. Two big bumps have set up camp at the back of my tongue and seem to be there for the long haul, and to make subjects worse, the entirety tastes like metal. So why am I constantly feeding my face?

53. Fatigue. I am so uninterested in being robust for each person, bottling my feelings, placing one foot in the front of the opposite, preserving the own family agenda ‘normal’. I wish a person (aside from my favorite husband), each person, would simply have the courage to wrap me of their palms and permit me release all the pent-up feelings swirling through my body.

54. Invasion. My Mom became a trooper, making severa journeys right down to take care of me and the lads. I know the steady travel and fear took a toll on her. One particular arrival got here on a Sunday following a treatment. Shame gambling tricks on me ~loving that she is there, however wanting to scream because she is invading my territory and all I crave is solitude.

55. Bonus. It was a scorcher (similar to our present day summer) and I actually have plenty of frizzy, curly hair. Being bald intended no stressing over it, straightening it most effective to have it corkscrew the on the spot I walked outdoor. Small blessing!

56. Grieving. Farrah Fawcett exceeded away and Michael Jackson is getting most of the eye. She battled cancer for three years fighting every step of the manner. I recognize her power and tenacity. Her final results might be my outcome-I should preserve the fight.

57. Aversion. I still cannot drink, or eat, many of the objects ate up in the course of the remedies. The oddest thing, I chewed ice constantly earlier than locating out I had most cancers. Drove PT nuts! Now even the thought of ice on my enamel makes me cringe. I decide on my beverages lukewarm and ice-loose!

58. Care bundle & Inspiration. My brother-in-regulation’s ex sister-in-law (I will come up with a minute to wrap your head around that one) changed into recognized with Stage 4 Breast Cancer some months before my prognosis. She commenced a weblog to hold her circle of relatives and buddies knowledgeable on her diagnosis and nicely-being. I got ahold of this website online, Bliggity Bloggity Boo(b), and it became my lifeline in my darkest moments. When I determined it, I literally study it from the start. Good component it was a Friday, because it changed into a very overdue night time. Since then her excellent niece and nephew (yep… His ex-spouse) made me a flannel pillowcase to hold my bald head heat (isn’t always that the sweetest component!!), and Sue and I even have grow to be pals… Even dwelling 3,000 miles away. She likely has no clue that I considered her my rock (or her blog besides) throughout this complete system. If she will have the electricity and braveness to kick most cancers’s ass, then I actually have in reality no excuse feeling sorry for myself. I am so satisfied that I will ultimately get to fulfill her in November. Woo Hoo!

59. Teenager. Went to the local on line casino with buddies and they surely carded me. Are you kidding me? Nope, they were not! Biker babe have to = adolescents, and were not they amazed to peer my actual age on my license. Love it!

60. Anger. Consoling my MIL at the cellphone. Me, consoling her as she is crying on the phone. Something incorrect with this photo, proper? I finally instructed her to get her act together, that I wanted glad human beings in my surroundings, telling me dirty and very irrelevant jokes. If she couldn’t do this for me she needed to stay away. Sadly, she did.

61. Rolling the Dice. The picks I made to shop my existence should have unfavorable lengthy-time period effects on my body. The chemo and the modern cancer drug that I will take for many years ought to have broken my coronary heart, can result in leukemia and uterine cancer, in addition to, accelerated blood clots. Very horrifying on their very own, however blended could make you quake for your boots. No regrets. I made the choices I made to increase my modern-day odds. If these possibilities show up inside the destiny, we will just address them one by one.

62. Wink. I even have determined no longer to get the one tattoo that PT ought to by no means say ‘no’ on. Couldn’t consider PT having to break the information to the men. “Sorry youngsters, Mom died on the desk because she needed a nipple” LOL! Instead, my chest is proudly winking in any respect of you. BTW… On my 5th birthday… You’ll be able to find a tattoo somewhere on my body!

63. Routine. My ordinary is methodical. Every three months I go to with my Oncologist and run endless blood work (nevertheless wish I had that port), and each 6 months has me heading all the way down to my health practitioner for mammograms, ultrasounds, and many others. It also finds me googling every little symptom I have. Sudden blurry imaginative and prescient and stress in my left eye, have to be a tumor forming at the back of it. Aching again… Bone most cancers. See in which I am going with this. Every little lump, bump and bruise way something specific for a most cancers patient. For us, it’s miles some other cancer ready to be discovered. We dread listening to the words that your cancer has metastasized.

64. Shock. Recently receiving the late night time information that my tumor marker become better than normal. It turned into a very long month waiting to take the blood check again… Very thankful the numbers fell lower back into an appropriate variety. Also very thankful for my group of Doctor’s and workforce who’ve to make the ones smartphone calls (to someone) each day of the week. That isn’t always a activity I might want on my resume.

65. Chemo Brain. A very actual fact for a lot of us. Disorganized, harassed, tough time focusing and staying on undertaking (trying to multi-venture = instantaneous tension), forgetting human beings’s names that I actually have known forever. BTW-please forgive me on that final one. It would not imply I do not love you, it kills me while it’s far occurring and you can see a blank look in my eyes… I promise I am stewing over it after the truth. Afraid to open my mouth, because the phrases I am searching for do not come, or I say some thing absolutely inane or off concern. Tough one to swallow and praying for it to fade soon!

Sixty six. Mid existence disaster. “You are in remission, move home… Get on together with your existence”! Huh, how do I try this? That easy announcement despatched me right into a downward spiral that I could not pull myself out of. Maybe they need to deliver us a step by step manual on a way to pass from combating on your lifestyles to taking part in your existence. I wouldn’t have wasted 3 years of my life trying to discern it all out. If handiest it could were as clean as going out and shopping for a sports automobile!

Cancer has a face ~MINE, and a hand that my husband hopefully still likes to keep.

I am ashamed to mention that prior to 2009 most cancers freaked me out, equating it to an on the spot demise sentence. I now not suppose this…

Does this eventually suggest on the age of 44 I actually have grown up?

I am so glad I decided to take in this mission. I hope I even have helped a person available in cyberspace. I do recognise that I have helped myself. I even have ultimately moved exceeded that midlife crisis of mine, and I am geared up and irritating to address the sector (or at the least my little phase on Dana Dr.)! I even have indexed a number of negatives on this little magazine of mine, however I want to be honest and say that there are simply as many positives. I even have a new appreciation for existence! It is a mystical global filled with so many possibilities. I actually have an exquisite husband who puts up with all my shit. If the footwear have been reversed, I may additionally have taken an extended stroll a while ago off a very short pier! I also have 2 fantastic sons. They make me do and say loopy matters, but I am so happy with the ‘man or woman’ they’re turning into. I have been blessed with friends who have my lower back, any hour of the day. The outpouring of guide, whether or not or not it’s through Wednesday night meals, inspirational cards, or the duvet that magically regarded on my doorstep, blows my mind. How cool is it that human beings honestly like me?!!

I am relieved that I am additionally able to give lower back, raising lots of dollars for the American Cancer Society and instilling the values of giving returned and network to my youngsters. Relay for Life become not an choice for me in ’09. Visions of me being a paper bag, had me running for a bag to calm the hyperventilating within. These days I am proud to be a paper bag, representing survivors everywhere. Raising cash for this worthy corporation is vital to me. They assist such a lot of with their instructional gear and research, and I took complete gain of their assets for the duration of treatment.

What do you think?

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