Can Cancer Be Cured?

For years medical doctors have been announcing the remedy for most cancers is “simply around the corner.” Actually, they have got been saying this for the closing a hundred years! It’s time to prevent and ask why science has made no actual progress in finding a remedy. What’s being done with the billions spent on research since the National Cancer Act of 1971? Why are we nevertheless having most cancers walks and dances, and so on.? What is being finished with the cash?

In the remaining 40 years there was no significant development on a cure for cancers on this usa. Rather emphasis remains on treating signs with high priced radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery, some thing that become already being achieved nicely earlier than Nixon’s 1971 most cancers act. And facts display that the incidence of cancer is now better than ever.

Let’s face it, the traditional most cancers enterprise is a political and monetary introduction of big business. Brutal chemotherapy is their “battle on most cancers,” one billion greenback enterprise that cannot be stopped. Most medical doctors who try to stop it are threatened with censure through the American Medical Association (AMA) for treating or curing most cancers with maximum natural remedies. Natural treatments are not Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved and by no means may be. Any unlicensed laymen could be prosecuted for marketing or acting any tested herbal cancer cure; that could be practising medication without a license. So nobody is allowed to therapy cancer certainly. Why?

1. Pharmaceutical corporations profit significantly from treatments no longer remedies.
2. Natural, low-cost treatments work and threaten profits.

Every American who looks to mainstream propaganda need to realize this by now!

If a brand new natural or cheaper cancer remedy is publicized, grave warnings are issued by way of the cancer industry (FDA, AMA, NCI). For example, there are clinical docs and others who’ve brazenly mentioned effective natural remedies — and for this they’re listed on the QuackWatch.Com internet site. Even Suzanne Somers is on this website online after writing her e-book “Knockout” about opportunity cancer remedies.

The fantasy that most cancers can’t be cured, or is very hard to remedy, is tied to this war on quacks. This “quack watch” started before the inception of the American Medical Association in 1847. New college-educated medical doctors got here into prominence at some stage in the 1800s amid a land complete of “quack” people docs and natural treatments. The attack on quacks was, and nonetheless is, a struggle on any herbal, less expensive remedies that reduce into the profits of the university-trained medical doctor. In the billion dollar most cancers industry, most cancers can be treated, however no longer cured. Naturopaths and others who provide “unconventional” treatments are bad for business and medicine is big commercial enterprise.

See, most of the people have come to be so brainwashed that they may be unable to think independently. They have lost their capacity to think — to assume honestly and with out emotion or anger or preconceived principles. They can not believe this is it possible that maximum cancers are without difficulty curable. They can not agree with that the cancer enterprise ignores opportunity low-price cancer therapies. They say it’s complete nonsense. They say that if a remedy have been found it would be very lucrative to the pharmaceutical commercial enterprise, and therefore there aren’t any hidden agendas to preserve a cure from us.

Here is a few simple common sense to begin you thinking about the cancer enterprise.

Of path, beneficial good judgment depends on truthful observations and premises. You decide what’s proper underneath.


Premise: Pharmaceutical agencies spend millions to test, manufacture and market their drugs. Typically this runs into masses of millions.


Premise: Pharmaceutical organizations commonly markup their products from 2000% to 500,000% and assume these titanic income because they have got specific, patented products authorised by the FDA and AMA.

Premise: Over the course of their remedy, many patients incur a fee of some hundred thousand bucks, or extra.


Premise: Many lots are employed in, or associated with, the most cancers enterprise (the FDA, AMA, healthcare vendors, ACS, NCI, drug companies, pharmacists, and so on.). The CEOs and group of workers don’t ever expect to have their paychecks decreased. (e.G. Pfizer, Inc. By myself has 114,000 personnel incomes forty eight billion gross, with 8 billion internet earnings.)

Premise: Many hundreds of thousands are funneled into Washington to defend drug employer profits. (For example, Pfizer spent five.4 million bucks simply in the ultimate zone of 2009 lobbying to protect its products and business pastimes.


Premise: The various traditional treatments for cancer (chemo, radiation, surgical treatment, etc.) all do not anything to remedy cancer due to the fact they address signs and symptoms best. The root purpose isn’t a primary problem.

Premise: Tumor reduction or elimination is the primary recognition of the cancer enterprise.


Premise: Natural treatments for ailment already exist and are freely available in nature. Hence, they’re now not patentable belongings of any individual or business.

Premise: Some herbal flora and compounds were located and demonstrated to relieve or dispose of certain physical maladies, which include cancer, however at a miles lower selling fee. (Aloe vera, aspirin, garlic, nutrition C, sodium chlorite, and many others.)


Therefore, there can be capability natural, low-cost healing procedures for cancer that, if observed and made public would overwhelm the earnings base of the modern multi-billion dollar most cancers industry.

After performing some studies, you can upload this:

There are surely and had been for many years natural cancer therapies. Start studying today. Once you train your self, you’ll recognise this to be a truth.

“Everyone should recognize that the ‘struggle on cancer’ is basically a fraud, and that the National Cancer Institute [NCI] and the American Cancer Society [ACS] are derelict in their obligations to the people who guide them.”

— Linus Pauling, Ph.D., two-time Nobel Laureate

In any business, information is guarded. Competition is attacked. Marketing focuses on income, now not people. So on your fitness’s sake, do a little studies. There are many medical books for your library underneath the Dewey section 610 (and 610 of the library’s Reference location.)

There are many dozens of books that explain why cancer can’t be cured. Many written by way of scientific medical doctors, scientists, ex-cancer industry insiders, and previous healthcare people.

The cheapest down load you may discover is a small e-book (in PDF layout) you examine with the unfastened Adobe Reader. The charge of the ebook? It’s unfastened at my website.

This e-book will surprise you, shock you, might also make you angry, however in the long run give you wish and inspiration to “open your closed mind” and dig deeper into the various powerful opportunity cancer cures that the FDA, AMA, NCI, and Quackwatch.Com do not want you to realize approximately or use.

It takes a touch work to stay healthy. This e-book tells you ways and in which to locate the first-class medical doctors, and how to stay wholesome and prevent most cancers. You’ll find out about cancer tests you may do, as well as seventy five areas of opportunity remedies for most cancers. Don’t flip your fitness over to big business in which income, not humans are their backside line. Start analyzing these days.

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